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We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below to help you understand our treatments and to make the right treatment choice for you!


  • Are you pregnant/breastfeeding?

  • Do you have dark skin and want the lips tattooing treatment?

  • Do you have pre-existing Permanent Make Up that has been done elsewhere?

  • Do you suffer from cold sores?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you will need to speak to a member of our team prior to booking your appointment as you may not be suitable for some of our treatments. Please also note that for PMU some skins will not retain the crispness of a hair stroke and some skins may require more retouches than others.

Please note: we will not carry out work that we feel is inappropriate or work with clients whose expectations we feel we cannot manage.

Why have Permanent Make Up?

Permanent Make Up enhances your natural beauty, giving you the confidence that you look your best 24/7.

Smudge-proof, swim-proof, gym-proof, think how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows, wide-awake, pretty eyes and beautifully contoured lips, without the effort of time-consuming makeup rituals. All subtle, soft and perfectly in place with no mess, no problem.

Am I suitable for Permanent Make Up?

Most people are suitable for some form of Permanent Make Up.

At the clinic, either Trish herself or one of her Team will explore with you which treatments will suit you best. This is a one-to-one consultation and includes a discussion of your desired results and expectations and any features you wish to correct or balance. From this discussion, your technician will recommend the specific treatments she believes will achieve the effect you want and explain the process.

How long will Permanent Make Up last?

Permanent Make Up can last for several years but this is dependent on several factors including skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle.

Whilst it is ‘low maintenance’ it is not ‘no maintenance’. Luxurious Eyes & Beauty (LEB) recommends a colour refresher treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain perfect results.

Is Permanent Make Up safe?

Absolutely! All of our pigments are made of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties.

Permanent Make Up is trusted by High skilled technicians . Ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics and Permanent Make Up also serves medical purposes for people recovering from breast cancer, alopecia and chemotherapy patients.

Does Permanent Make Up hurt?

The procedure is performed with your comfort in mind and our Technicians will do everything possible to minimise any pain or discomfort.

For this reason, anaesthetic gel is applied prior to treatment.

What if I don’t like the result?

Luxurious Eyes & Beauty (LEB) and her team will take great care prior to starting your treatment to explain the process and select the treatments that they know from their extensive experience will enhance your face or body and achieve your desired results.

Your Permanent Make Up will be carefully drawn on in pencil before we begin tattooing for you to review, change and finally approve.

This level of care is not universal in the industry, however, and numerous clients have come to the LEB clinic for correction or improvement of treatments done elsewhere. Although this is a service we provide, we of course prefer to offer our clients perfect results first time!

Is Permanent Make Up expensive?

With a huge increase in the popularity of PMU in recent years and with the industry being largely unregulated, you will find PMU for a huge range of different prices. However, in the cosmetic industry it is usually the higher end of the market which will deliver the most effective results.

The quality of treatment not only will impact on the visual appearance of your PMU, but also effect factors such as the safety of the procedure and the length of time that your PMU will last. For these reasons, quality of service and experience should guide your decision rather than price alone when considering any cosmetic procedure.

Trish a high end practitioner and her clients fly in from all over Australia. She takes care of some well known faces and clients from all walks of life who want the best in PMU and cosmetic aesthetics. Trish wanted to keep a competitive edge for pricing and is proud to be able to offer a world class service with a scale of prices to suit most budgets.

From our experience and the increasing amount of clients that we see with disappointing results from less reputable technicians, we believe that if your budget cannot stretch to a trusted bespoke service endorsed by clients with proven results, then it is probably better to wait.

Permanent makeup is a long term option so you are likely to regret rushing into a treatment with somewhere cheaper who is immediately available (as we often have a waiting list).

Do you follow health & safety standards?

Yes! At LEB we pride ourselves on offering luxurious treatments in a clean and safe environment.

The equipment used is the latest and most technologically advanced. Like medical equipment, permanent cosmetic equipment is safe by design against cross contamination. Everything is disposable.

All needles are single use only and device parts are autoclavable. Our equipments are TGA approved.

What’s next?

The next step is to arrange a FREE consultation.

Your consultation session can be over the phone, the day your appointment  or in a different day of your initial booking.

Prior to the consultation you may required a simple skin patch test, to ensure you are suitable for treatment. At your consultation you will receive a fully personalised colour analysis, which will take into account your individual skin undertones, hair and eye colour.

Once we have the results of your colour analysis we will create your unique pigment colour, with a blend of other pigments. Everyone has different type of skin so the pigment mix must be uniquely prescribed for each individual.

We then discuss your desired look and explain how this can be achieved. All permanent make up procedures are drawn on first so that you can see what the ultimate shape will look like. Our technicians never start a treatment without your approval, Trish has built her reputation on trust and patience for perfect results and her technicians work to the same code of ethics.

Initial treatments can take up to two hours to complete. Appointments are generally arranged in two stages spaced at 4 to 6 weeks apart; this allows for a safe, comfortable and gradual treatment.

Pre-procedural Advice


It is also not advisable to tint your eyebrows. If you would prefer to shape your eyebrows you can do this before treatment, but this service is provided when you come in to the clinic for your permanent eyebrow make up.


It is not advisable to tint, perm or curl your eyelashes for one week prior to treatment and two weeks after.

If having an eyeliner procedure, please bring glasses to wear after your treatment as contact lenses cannot be worn for 24 hours post procedurally.

Lips Tattooing

If you suffer from cold sores you may be advised to use some oral or topical Zovirax to minimise the possibility of the treatment triggering an outbreak.


Please read and follow instructions carefully. Your aftercare is extremely important for the outcome of your new tattoo, along with healing in minimal time without any complications. Please be patient you will have loss of colour and the tattoo will shrink, we will make necessary adjustments at your touch up session.


AVOID for 2 weeks:

  • NO soap, cleansers, swimming, sun, saunas, makeup and excessive sweating.

  • No scratching or picking, just tap the area if itchy, as you don’t want to scratch pigment away.

  • No facials, Botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks


  • Apply sunblock daily. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change.

  • Avoid Glycolic Acid or Peels if you want to keep your tattoo. Anything with active ingredients will lighten the colour with continuous use. Check moisturisers and cleansers as they can also fade tattoo colour if they contain Vitamins or AHA’s.


  • Due to slight swelling your tattoo may not look symmetrical after the procedure – not to worry, this will settle once the swelling goes down.

  • Colours will appear darker/brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. Colours will lighten and soften in 3- 5 days.

  • When the pigment settles, clients often think the colour is lost or has lightened too much, please be patient, as you can’t judge the true colour until week 4. Colour will continue to come and go based on the stages of exfoliation and healing.

  • It is completely normal to lose up to 50% of the colour in the first session, please don’t worry, that is why we have a perfecting session.

  • You cannot donate blood for 6 months following any cosmetic tattoo procedure.

  • Change your pillowcase to avoid any contact with dust or bacteria.


Every individual is different based on their skin and the type of procedure.

  • Dry Healing brings out the best results. If advised by tattooist, put aftercare ointments provided 1-2 times a day or just when needed.

  • Brows should heal within 3-5 days.


  • Avoid spicy foods, lipsticks, gloss, hot drinks, red wine, kissing or citrus drinks for 5 days.

  • Use a cold pack if required. Cover so it doesn’t freeze the lips

  • Your lips will be very dry. It’s important to keep them moist with given aftercare from LEB. If you have dry pieces of skin do not pull or pick at them let the lips exfoliate naturally.

  • You still may get a cold sore after the tattoo even if you have never in the past as the virus may be living dormant in your system. If so take over the counter Famvir, prescription from your Dr. of Valtredx or Llysine. Also can alternate application with your after care cream and Zovirax.

  • Continue to constantly hydrate the lips to prepare for your 2nd procedure.


The eye area will feel like windburn, avoid rubbing your eyes. Eyeliner usually heals within about 3 days. The thickness will shrink and it won’t be as dark once healed. Remember any adjustments in thickness and colour will be made at your second appointment.

  • NO water strictly for 48 hours, 7-14 days highly recomended.

  • NO mascara or eye make-up for 7 days.

  • Ice or use eye drops if necessary.

  • No wearing contact lenses for 3 days.

  • Use aftercare cream if sore, otherwise, not to worry.

TOUCH UPS – MUST be booked between 4-8 weeks

  • Touch up cannot be done until the skin has finished healing which is 4 weeks.

  • Any adjustments to colour and shape are made on your second visit, please be patient.

  • It is essential that you book in for your perfecting session 4- 8 weeks after your first initial consultation. Failure to book in will result in an overall impact on our ability to guarantee the longevity of your tattoo and will take the technician longer to complete.

  • Tattooing is a two step procedure, to perfect your new tattoo you will need your perfecting session.

*** If left any longer than 4-8 weeks ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY.

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